Medical University of Vienna (MUW)

The Medical University of Vienna is one of the largest medical research institutions in Central Europe. At the Department of Radiology /Division of Breast Imaging more than 650 primary breast cancers are diagnosed annually. The Department is member of the Cancer Care Center and conducts the work-up of more than 15.000 breast cases annually. The research team has worked together for almost eight years to develop improved methods for detection and management of breast cancer. The research team includes experienced radiologists, medical physicists, and a clinical research coordinator. The group is internationally recognized for its work on anatomic, molecular and functional imaging of breast cancer, for improved diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Helbich was a pioneer in the use of functional and molecular imaging tools for detection and staging of breast cancer. The main field of research interest is clinical and experimental investigations of breast tumours to diagnose cancer non-invasively and to monitor response to cancer treatment focusing on the use of different imaging capabilities such as of computer-aided diagnosis, contrast-enhanced mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis and hybrid techniques (PET-MRI). The entire team consists of almost thirty faculty and staff researchers, and technologists. The Division is equipped with two full field digital mammography units with tomosynthesis capabilities and one contrast enhanced digital mammography unit. In addition several low and high field MR units (1.5, 3 and 7 Tesla) and several high-resolution ultrasound units are available. The Division serves as the assessment center for the national screening program and leads the multimodality early detection program for high-risk patients with hereditary breast cancer. Overall – this is a tightly integrated, interdisciplinary group of researchers, with outstanding equipment, significant institutional support, and a long track record of working very productively together.