Last Biweekly Meeting

We are approaching the end of MURAB and today we had our last biweekly Consortium meeting.

From the beginning of this project, we met regularly online every 2 weeks sharing ideas and progress about our common research.
Besides the project Official Appointments (Project Meetings, Review Meetings) we also met during hackathons, integration days, and Fairs strengthening our collaboration.

In the last months, after the Covid-19 Pandemic, we increased the use of online tools. This helped to keep the Consortium up-to-date with the progress of every single institution. For those working specifically on the robot setup, it was hard to bring their work home, and as soon as it was possible they came back in their Labs.

MURAB project has now given its results, but we are willing to continue working together, finding new ways to collaborate. There’s so much we can do together with the experience gained in these years!

The Final Review is scheduled for October 14th, follow us for more news about the final results!