The MURAB project has the ambition to drastically improve precision and effectiveness of the biopsy gathering for cancer diagnostic operations. By reducing the usage of expensive Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to a minimum in the workflow and at the same time yield the same precision during samples targeting, a new workflow will be offered to the practice. Guided by a novel MRI-Ultrasound (US) registration, a robotically steered US transducer equipped with an acoustically transparent force sensing will autonomously scan the target area and optimally acquire volumetric and elastographic data. An innovative technique, called Tissue Active Slam (TAS), will be developed in the project to optimally register the intraoperational acquired volume to the preoperational MR image

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Woman to woman

“Woman to woman” is our message on the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month đźŽ€ October 2019. Less of 10% of women are working in the robotic field , two researchers from the MURAB Consortium explain how they contribute every day in the MURAB Project and how Robotics can benefit from the presence of women. […]

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