Radboud UMC (RUMC)

Radboud university medical center is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, with the mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’. Our activities help to improve healthcare and consequently the health of individuals and of society. We believe we can achieve that by providing excellent quality, participatory and personalized healthcare, operational excellence and by working together in sustainable networks. Radboud university medical center has over 10,000 employees and 3,000 students, working in healthcare, research and education. The key strength is medical life-sciences and clinical practice, with an impressive infrastructure comprising state-of-the-art technology platforms and (translational) research facilities. The Radboud university medical center is therefore uniquely positioned in the emerging Euregio and Dutch healthcare infrastructure to play a leading role in the new healthcare paradigm of prediction, prevention and personalised medicine.

The Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the Radboudumc Nijmegen is headed by Prof. Dr. Mathias Prokop. The Radboudumc is an academic center with focus on research, education and patient care. The department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine has extensive expertise in terms of (functional) MRI and ultrasound imaging, cancer imaging and oncologic needle interventions. Within the Medical UltraSound Imaging Center (MUSIC) functional ultrasound imaging techniques are developed for improved diagnosis in breast and cardiovascular applications. MUSIC is specialized in quantification of tissue motion and the mechanical properties using ultrasound. Advanced MRI facilities for both patient care and (animal experiments) research are available and accessible. Within the Department of Radiology, oncology is an important focus of research and patient care.