Stichting Ziekenhuis Groep Twente (ZGT)

ZGT is one of the largest general hospital in the east of the Netherlands, with two major branches at Almelo and Hengelo. Within the region of Twente ZGT Hengelo is becoming the most important Breast clinic, consisting of 5 dedicated breast radiologists, 4 dedicated breast surgeons, 3 plastic surgeons, radiotherapists and clinical oncologists. The radiology department of ZGT is equipped by the state-of-art personel and facilities, has a long-term collaboration with SIEMENS based systems on high quality patient care. Breast imaging is one of the main fields of expertise in ZGT Hengelo, the radiology department has full field digital mammography, high-end ultrasound and high field (3T) breast MRI, available for MRI guided biopsy.